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Planning Your Trip

More and more people visit the Susquehanna Heartland Wineries each year. Whether you're a wine a first-time visitor or a regular, our wineries are ready to welcome you and offer you the experience like no other.

To help you get started on your wine tour experience, we’ve assembled the following tips.

Plan Ahead - Before hitting the road, create a detailed plan that includes directions.

Choose the Right Time - It's always good to call ahead to check out the hours of operationWeekends can be the busiest time to tour a winery. Be prepared to mingle with other customers while waiting your turn to taste. Some wineries offer weekday hours that may fit your schedule better.  If you want an extended experience you can see if the wineries offer a private tasting package for your enjoyment. 

Do Your Winework - Check out the winery’s website to see if they have a tasting room policy aka charging for tastings or do they allow you to bring a picnic lunch. Is there a policy for pets? What do they say about large groups of 8 or more? When in doubt you can always contact the winery by email or telephone. 

Stopping Along the Way - During your planning process you should consider what other businesses are in the area. By using your local Visitor Bureau’s or recommendations from the local winery you can plan an exciting day.

What To Do Once You Arrive

Relax! - It doesn't matter if you're an expert or a novice, a winery tour is about having fun and enjoying the experience. 

Ask Questions - No one knows everything about wine, so don't be afraid to ask questions – even simple ones. Ask about the history of the vineyard and or winery and if they give tours of the property, nothing like a special treat on a nice day. 

Taste! - There's no sense in driving to a winery and not trying some wine, especially during the trail when it's free* (unless you're the one doing the driving, in which case, taste responsibly). Exploration is key, so be open to trying new varieties of wine. You never know when you might find your next favorite bottle.

Keep in Touch - Most wineries have a mailing list or e-mail list, which they use to let customers know about new offerings or upcoming events. Sign up for these alerts because your next free weekend might just overlap with that music and tasting festival.

Have Fun - If you forget everything else, at least remember to have a good time.

*Speciality or dessert wines at individual wineries can be an additional fee and not included in the wine trail menu. If you want to taste them be prepared to pay a small fee to try these wines.




All of our Susquehanna Heartland Wine Trail Association members are small, family-owned wineries, operated independently. Each has a unique experience and rich history and provides their own original touches that reflect the many varieties of wine offered. Wineries each host events and are open to the public at varying hours. Some will offer food and entertainment at different times throughout the year. Most, if not all, wineries will participate in our annual events. To ensure you have the best possible experience at each of our wineries during your time in the Susquehanna Heartland, we encourage you to visit each winery’s profile page and individual website. You are also encouraged to call the wineries directly to ask specific questions about winery entertainment, hours, policies and wine selections. We do our best to ensure current and accurate information about all Susquehanna Heartland Wine Trail Association participating wineries. But unfortunately, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Thanks for visiting!